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Search engines and social networks give priority to brands that pay to play. Playing the digital marketing game their way expands your reach and creates more opportunities to be found by prospective buyers. At Agency Entourage, our SEM and PPC experts purchase deliberate keywords to provide the best chance to reach your target audience. We perform in-depth analysis to reserve the right digital real estate and anticipate users’ search terms. The result is strategically placed brand messaging.

Surround your brand with our entourage of experts

  • Develop data-driven marketing strategies for targeted campaigns
  • Optimize paid digital campaigns
  • Report and analyze campaign results
  • Continually test and adjust paid media strategies
  • Build a loyal following of customers that love your brand

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    “We knew our customers were our most valuable prospects for growing the business. Agency Entourage proved it. And they did it with email. When you can sell more services to your existing customers, that’s just sweet. When you can do it through email… that’s Agency Entourage.”

    Greg Scott | Qualtrust Credit Union | SVP Marketing


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