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A unified marketing strategy encompasses a variety of independent parts. The Agency Entourage team of experts plans and develops a campaign to weave these pieces together. With high-quality content across multiple platforms, customers are brought back to one cohesive message. We develop an organized, data-driven strategy custom-fit to your brand. The strategy plays out through customer-friendly, optimized blog posts, emails, social media posts and paid promotions. We translate a range of content into a campaign that produces results.

Surround your brand with our entourage of experts

  • Develop data-driven campaign strategies for the target customer
  • Utilize competitive research to identify relevant topics and platforms
  • Produce conversion-based analytics
  • Manage customer retention, satisfaction and support
  • Build a loyal following of customers that love your brand

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    Building A Following For These Entourages

    “I really appreciate how Agency Entourage started our campaign. From the beginning. They did a full-blown brand workshop with our team, matched our input, and came back with creative strategies that blew away our expectations.”

    Marty Roche | eClinical Solutions | Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing


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