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Are you ready to start a lead generation campaign? Before going any further, it’s important to realize what is involved from conception to going live. Today, we’re discussing the three crucial things you need to know.

Have A Solid Strategy

Online lead generation requires you to have a thorough digital strategy. You should have a solid strategy set in stone prior to building your first campaign. Make note of the following:


Who is your ideal audience? The answer to this will dictate several targeting elements to your lead generation strategy.

Conversion Type

What is a “conversion” or “lead” to you? A purchase on site? Maybe it’s signing up for your company’s email newsletter or filling out some sort of form. Your conversion type should be decided upon prior to making a decision on specific platform, content strategy or attribution modeling.


Now that you know your audience and ideal lead type, what online platform makes the most sense to target your user on. Some of the more common are the Google Display Network, Search Network, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. However, there are several other platforms that our agency can help you with.

Content Strategy

One of the most important things to think about is your site’s content. You content must be relevant to your audience and high quality. Content comes in many shapes and sizes. Here is a list of some of the more popular options:

  • Single landing page with a form
  • Video
  • Long form content that is educational such as a blog or service landing page
  • Testimonials
  • Infographic

If you can’t tell by now, it’s best to work with someone with experience in this type of area. Onto point number two.

Attribution Modeling and Reporting

Attribution modeling is one of the most important aspects to lead generation that is often overlooked. At it’s core, attribution modeling is how you will determine “credit” for conversions on your website. There are several strategies to consider. Each strategy will vary but here are the three most common:

First Click:

First Click Attribution Modeling assigns full credit to the first ad click a user makes prior to converting.

Last Click:

Last Click Attribution Modeling has traditionally been the most common form of attribution modeling. It assigns full credit to the last ad click a user makes prior to converting.


Linear Attribution Modeling assigns each touch point a user makes a value to the final conversion.

Before you even think about attribution modeling, make sure your site has Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and conversion tracking set up. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t sweat. This is something that our team specializes in. Now on to the last part of this blog, creative and optimized landing pages!

Optimized Landing Page

Okay, so now we’re at a super important part of online lead generation. We’ve successfully gotten the specific audience member that we’ve targeted on the most relevant platform to click on some shape or form of our ad. This is the part of the strategy where we simply reel them into converting, right? Well, yes, but it’s very complicated. You’ll likely need to A/B test your content and layout. Luckily, if you’re tracking and using an attribution model that makes sense, you’ll be able to tell what is and what isn’t working for conversions.

Design, UI and UX

Much like how we talked about content strategy earlier, overall landing page design will play a big part of your digital strategy. Obviously, you will want to take your user to an overall appealing landing page experience that is responsive to the users’ device, loads fast and is simple to use.

Your call to action will dictate to the user what you specifically want him/her to do. This will be determined by the conversion type you are seeking. Be strong and test multiple call to actions.

If you would like to talk specifically about lead generation campaigns, contact us or call us at (214) 414-3035.

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