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Agency Entourage travels to Austin, Texas March 10-13 for the annual SXSW Conference.

Agency Entourage travels to Austin, Texas March 10-13 for the annual SXSW Conference.

SXSW is all about being on the cutting edge: what’s new, what’s happening, and what’s still to come.

The goal of attending SXSW is about more than just hitting up cool events like the Mashable House. Agency Entourage wants to take knowledge gained, connections made and turn it into client wins in 2017. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

It’s always been a personal dream of mine to be on the inside hearing from industry leaders, top brand executives and entrepreneurial minds gathered from around the world. While it’s an exciting time for me individually, it’s an even more exciting time for Agency Entourage’s clients.

Tomorrow the Agency Entourage team will embark on Austin, TX to take on the SXSW Interactive Festival!

Three Sessions We’re Excited to Attend at SXSW

Social Video and the Future of Consumption

Video consumption has quickly changed the landscape of social media, led by Facebook prioritizing video streaming through all of its platforms. “Video journalism” is transforming the way users consume content from their friends, brands and editorial publishers. Where is this heading and how can brands use this to their advantage? That’s what we’ll hear from Adam Banicki of Vice Media, Deborah Acosta of the New York Times and Vox Media Inc.’s Joe Posner.

This is Your Brain This is Your Brain on Ads.

From large screen devices like the iPhone 7 Plus to computer screens, creating engaging advertisements goes deeper than consumers realize. There is an abundance of research on consumer neuroscience that can help bring new light to non-conscious aspects of advertising. This engaging panel will feature speakers from Facebook, The Advertising Research Foundation and Neuro-Insight US Inc.

Social is More Than a Metric

Social media, there’s no other industry like it and only one metric that really matters. A big part of what Agency Entourage offers has to do with building brands and speaking to their audiences through social media. How will this evolve over the next five years? You can bet we’ll be at the forefront, continuing our education with Rod Favaron from Spredfast.

Be sure to follow along as Agency Entourage takes on SXSW in the state’s Capital from March 10-13. We’ll be blogging daily, sharing the most interesting, progressive and innovative thoughts we gather from panels, sessions and the overall experience!

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