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Blogging has been around for years now, and they continue to grow in popularity among consumers in virtually every industry. If you’re still asking if blogging is important for your business, 99.9% of the time, the answer is YES! While blogging has been a mainstay for years, it is still evolving, and this year, Orbit Media Studios released their findings of a survey of over 1,000 bloggers.

They’ve been conducting this survey since 2014, and the data clearly shows how blogging has evolved over time. Here are the major 2017 blogging statistics and trends their results showed.

Average Writing Time Has Increased

blogging statistics

Back in 2014, the average amount of time spent on writing a blog would be around 2.5 hours, but now in 2017 that time has essentially increased by a full hour. Now, bloggers are taking more time to write each post, and that increase in time has also seen an increase in results! The data shows that putting in the extra time really pays off.

Consistent Posting Correlates with Better Results

blogging statistics

We’ve always heard consistency is key, and these blogging statistics back that up. While a clear majority of blogs were being published multiple times a week in 2014, 2017 has shown us that many are opting for blogs on a weekly basis. The consistency in which you post directly correlates with your level of readership.

Updated Old Posts Can Get Better Results Than Writing a New One

blogging statistics

Now, of the 1,300+ bloggers that responded, it was fairly split between those that regularly update older posts and those that don’t. However, the 55% that said they do update older posts saw that they were 74% more likely to report strong results.

Social Media is the Promotional Gateway to Getting More Reads

blogging statistics

Of all the blogging statistics, one that we found to not be a surprise at all was that most blog traffic is now being driven by social media rather than just SEO. While SEO is still a huge driver for blog traffic, sharing your blogs on your social media channels is unbelievably easy and serves your audience your website content while they’re just scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Staying on Top of the Analytics Helps Improve Strategy and Readership

blogging statistics

As analytics-driven marketing experts, we always keep a pulse on our client’s blogging analytics, and we aren’t the only ones! The blogging statistics show that a majority of bloggers are always looking at their analytics and referring to them when deciding on future content. While you may not need to check your analytics every single day, having a firm grasp of them is crucial if you want your blog to be a source of audience-desired information.

If you want to start building your business’ blog writing and outreach program, it’s never too late! Contact the SEO blogging experts at Agency Entourage today and start driving more traffic to your website with information your customers are wanting to see.

(Images via Orbit Media Studio at orbitmedia.com)

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