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Why Your Brand Needs Physical World Marketing

Is Physical World Marketing Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Every single day, your consumer is being bombarded with brands and messages. Whether it be digital or traditional marketing, Facebook ads or a radio ad on Spotify, consumers are overwhelmed with clutter. Making a lasting impact on your consumer is imperative, now more than ever. This is where physical world marketing comes into play.

Physical world marketing, or experiential marketing, focuses on human connections and interactions. It’s making brands come to life, literally, and creating real-world experiences that are memorable in the mind of a consumer. Let’s discuss why your brand needs physical world marketing and how Agency Entourage can help you execute.

High Levels of Engagement

Whether it be a simple activation or a large-scale event, this type of marketing influences higher levels of engagement and brand advocacy and loyalty from your consumers. What emotions and experiences do you want your consumers to associate with your brand? Experiential is your chance to make your brand come to life, no matter what your budget. Check out how Mashable utilized experiential marketing at SXSW 2017.

Extend Real-World Campaigns to Social and Digital Initiatives

Real-world campaigns translate and perform extremely well when you extend the campaigns to social. Create digital campaigns to hype up the activation and encourage your consumers to share the activation online. The creative content and assets born from these activations are great to share past-activation also.

Bring People to You, Build Relationships and Drive Business

Our world is now digital and online, and this provides huge opportunity to create an offline experience that engages consumers and brings them to you. These offline experiences allow brands to show consumers how their product benefits them, instead of just telling them.

Learn more about Physical World Marketing here. If you are interested in taking your brand to the next level with physical world marketing, contact Agency Entourage today. Call us at (214) 414-3035 or reach us via email at info@agencyentourage.com! Let’s make some real-world, human connections that make an ever lasting impact on your brand and consumers!

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