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As more and more home AI products are sold, we are getting closer and closer to voice advertising. The way it’s looking right now, competing for your brand to be heard on Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home speakers is going to be tough. In 2018, it’s time to personalize your marketing, build relationships with your customers and get ready for voice.

How Voice is Different from Radio

When we talk about voice advertising, we’re not talking about radio spots. In this context, voice is more about weaving your brand into a conversation as a way to help a customer. You won’t hear Alexa read your banner ad copy out loud or an intrusive ad as you listen to Prime Music. Instead, you’ll hear Alexa suggest your product, or even service, as a solution to a potential customer.

Brands that are already using auto-response campaigns and building voice-apps for home devices will be in a much better position to strike when the iron is hot and reap the rewards for being an early adopter of voice advertising.

A Deeper Customer Relationship

Hey, we need to talk… about your relationship with your customers. Voice is going to take it to the next level. Amazon and Google have already started penetrating homes with their AI devices much like radios and televisions did back in the good ol’ days. The next step is then to let you, the advertisers, take hold of this position within the home. However, like we discussed earlier, you won’t be interrupting content for a special message. You’ll be helping a mother, father or child with their day-to-day tasks. Amazon and Google have already built the bridge, all you need to do is walk across.

At Agency Entourage we help brands explore the bleeding edge of marketing technology to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re in need of consulting services to strategize for 2018 and beyond, contact our experts today.

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