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Update to HTTPSHave you switched your site from HTTP to HTTPS? About two weeks ago, Google sent out alerts via Google Search Console to admins of sites not currently operating under HTTPS that allow users to submit data. Starting in October, Google’s Chrome Browser will begin displaying “not secure” notices to users on sites that are in violation of this. 

Here is a screenshot of a site that is already displaying a “not secure” alert on Chrome 60.3. We have masked this site’s identity. 

Example of not secure alert on HTTP site

Is Your Website Affected By This?

If you have properly installed an SSL certificate on your website you will not be affected by this. Google will display the “not secure” notification in the following situations:

1. Your HTTP site has forms on landing pages.

2. Your HTTP site accepts data input from users. 

3. A visitor using incognito mode lands on your HTTP website.

What Does This Mean For Your Site?

If your website is affected by this, you will need to purchase and install an SSL certificate. Don’t worry, this is something that our website development team can do for you (even if you’re not a current client).

What is an SSL Certificate?

Think of SSL certificates as an additional layer of security on your website. It allows users to have secure connections from your server to their browser. 

How Many People Really Use Chrome?

Google’s Chrome browser holds far and away the majority of browser share worldwide at 54%. StatCounter has a terrific breakdown: 

Stat counters breakdown of browser shareGoogle’s Explanation For HTTPS Over HTTP

Google made the following statement on the Chromium Blog

“Passwords and credit cards are not the only types of data that should be private. Any type of data that users type into websites should not be accessible to others on the network, so starting in version 62 Chrome will show the “Not secure” warning when users type data into HTTP sites.”

How to Install an SSL Certificate on Your Site

Properly installing an SSL certificate is something that is best left to a professional web developer. Give us a call at (214) 414-3035, contact us at info@agencyentourage.com or message us on social media to talk about how we can make your site secure for an affordable, flat fee. 

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