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The countdown for South by Southwest has reached single digits and employees here at Agency Entourage can barely contain their excitement. It’s not secret that driving in Dallas and driving in Austin are two very different animals. How much time is lost determining the best means of transportation in a foreign city? Here are some easy ways to get around in Austin for your trip to South by Southwest.


For those who prefer to stick to driving their own car, avoid the trouble of finding good parking with Luxe. Luxe is a citywide valet service. Valets will pick up your car wherever you wish and park it one of their secure lots. Call the valet 15 minutes before you are ready to leave your destination and they will return your car to you anywhere within their service zones.

Capital Metro

Capital Metro is an exceptional alternative, with routes running all over Austin. Night Owls are offered with pick ups along 6th Street and Congress for those who wish to enjoy the city nightlife. Use the Cap Metro App if you wish to plan trips in advance or purchase a day pass.

Austin B-Cycle

A quick, fun and eco friendly method of transportation is Austin’s bike sharing program, B-cycle. Stations are spread throughout the city with lines of bicycles, each equipped with a basket and built in lights.

Time is valuable and transportation is one of its biggest enemies. Austin streets will no doubt be flooded the week of South by Southwest with people on their way to sessions, concerts and more. Save those precious minutes with these quick and easy transportation tips. Join Agency Entourage at South by Southwest this year.

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