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Content happens fast.

Content never sleeps.

How does a brand keep up? By building up their online community and letting them do the work.

Facebook Creative Shop‘s Andrew Keller hosted a session called How to Create at the Speed of Feed, pg slot or more appropriately, Ideas That Bring People Together Change the World. At this SXSW session, Keller stresses the importance of bringing people together and breaks down how brands can ignite their communities through social media.

10 Steps to Ignite Your Online Community

  1. Identify a community. find the community of users you want to grow.
  2. Listen to the community. It’s important that brands listen first to truly understand its audience.
  3. Identify your authentic, shared interest. Your interactions must be authentic. In today’s modern age of connectivity, users or fans can sense when something isn’t real about a company or brand.
  4. Define your gift. What does your brand bring to the table?
  5. Give the community a role to play.pg slot Give the community tools to make it theirs by creating a hashtag, catchphrase, etc. Think: Dilly Dilly.
  6. Don’t take the front seat. Let your audience do the work that will help organically grow!
  7. Find a credible partner. Find the a leader in the community that you can share your ideas with. Anytime you can associate yourself or brand with a cause, this will push your brand forward.
  8. Act, don’t just talk. Users want to see action! If you say you’re supporting a cause, actually do. And show that you are doing it.
  9. Show real commitment. “If you set your sights too low,”pg slot  Kelly said, “no one will really notice, or they’ll think you’re faking it.”
  10. Find the right moment. This can be the most challenging elemental since content never stops. But this is what we as marketers live for!

Brands are more connected to users now more than ever and that trend will only continue to go up. Consumers expect more out of brands and brands can take advantage by inspiring, celebrating, empowering and entertaining their community.

Another key takeaway from this session: Users are 90% more likely to switch to a cause-related product. So what are you waiting for?

Let Agency Entourage help you identify and build your online community – or entourage!

The moment is now. 

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