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The Importance of Community Building

When creating a brand presence on social platforms, the top priority of any profile is to monitor the growth of their follower base. Tracking success with numbers is essential to any business, but creating a community around your brand is what will drive consumer loyalty. Just as important as to who follows you, it is equally vital to strategically control who your brand follows back.

If you’re a local business, community building is an extremely important tactic to execute. Showing community pride is an integral approach to constructing your brand’s identity. By following and engaging with local brands and native influencers your brand establishes a presence both physically and mentally in the mind of the consumer. Audiences want to interact and build relationships with brands that are approachable and receptive to their feedback.

Approaching Community Building

Following brands that are near your location or within your industry is the first step in community building. This allows you to keep up with events in your area as well as trends in your respective industry. Secondly, engaging with them becomes an important step in assuring that your brand voice is being heard. Simply liking a picture is a step in the right direction, but connecting with them through comments is even more important. There are multiple approaches to community building and finding the ideal strategy for your brand is a process.

Due to the over saturation of media we experience on a daily basis, the consumer journey has become more complex. A single person can come in contact with an infinite number of brands daily, but it is up to you to establish a conversation with them to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Social Media as a Strategy

Community building is more important now than ever, but building a strong strategy around community building will ensure your brand will reap the benefits of daily interactions. By taking time to reach out to your audience, they begin to humanize your brand, growing even more attached to your services or products. A simple thank you shows your audience that they’re appreciated and thought about. While it may seem impossible to respond to every comment, inquiry or post, trust that your community building will go a long way and will help push your customer along their consumer journey.

If you’re looking to develop a social media marketing strategy that works for your brand, Agency Entourage can help you reap the benefits of your brand’s interaction. To learn more about our social media offerings contact Agency Entourage today at 214-414-3035.

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