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Here at Agency Entourage we are introducing a brand new blog series called Inside AE! As we work to stay ahead of the digital marketing and advertising curve, we’ll be pulling back the curtains and giving you a look into a side of our employees that you don’t normally see. That’s right! Inside AE will take on a more personal approach to digital marketing where you can expect to see interviews with team members, our personal thoughts on industry trends and other interesting forms of experimental content.

For our inaugural Inside AE, we decided to ask a few members of the entourage about their favorite account to work on in 2017.

Disclaimer. We love ALL of our clients. These specific accounts stood out to these employees. Let’s see what they think:

Andy Rodriguez, Interactive Producer

For me it’s Balls Deep Tackle, known inside the office as Nuts For Fish’n. One project that I’ve really enjoyed working on this year is helping BDT grow their Instagram following organically. We have seen the page grow exponentially by posting crude humor that will leave you laughing for days. We have a goal of 10K, which allows you to access some pretty cool features!

Roz Theesfeld, Creative Director

I have truly had a blast working on several projects this year. If I had to pick a specific account that I enjoyed working on the most this year it is for our international client Expense Reduction Analysts. We were challenged with creating a design to support their franchise recruitment. Every detail had a strategy behind it. I was thrilled to hear about the end performance from the Account Service Team.

I know you only said one, but I also really enjoyed working on our agency’s brand as well. AE has big things in store for 2018!

Michael Haake, Content Strategist

2017 was a weird year for me. My role on the Account Service Team changed a bit. This allowed me to focus more on our digital capabilities. The thing I’m most proud of for 2017 is being able to see several successful lead generation strategies firing at all cylinders. Special shout out to all of our friends at ERA, Smile Workshop and Sensogram to name a few.

Next time on Inside AE we will be interviewing our Principal, Ben Randolph. Don’t miss it!

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