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Agency Entourage & Google Teams Up


As a digital marketing agency, it’s important for us to understand the value of measuring your digital data, but what does Google have to say about it?  This question of measurement is top of mind for a lot of our clients and even for us.  Lucky for you, Agency Entourage is a Google Partner that teams up with GoGoogle Partners Event Measurementogle to host “Google Partner Events.”


The last event was on (you guessed it) Measurement, and we had quite the crowd with us on February 8, 2017.  Our free, live-streamed events are hosted in partnership with Google out of Mountain View, California and they’re a great way to come together locally with marketers and advertisers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  We’re hosting several more throughout the year, but first, let’s discuss what we learned from the last event:


4 Metrics You May Be Neglecting in Your Digital Strategy


The biggest part to all of this is you can’t measure what you don’t track.  Therefore, it’s critical to the success of your digital strategy to have measurement in place but also good benchmarking against valuable KPI’s.  Throughout the Google Partner Event, our friends at Google shared many of these KPI’s that you should be measuring and if you’re not – you could be losing business.


Are you measuring across screens?

Jeff Montgomery points out in his path to purchase example that consumers B2C and B2B alike are making purchase decisions across screens.  From the mobile device to the desktop, to the tablet, and even gaming consoles, purchase decisions are being made across multiple screens.


Are you measuring across channels?

This is one that most of us are familiar with in the digital space but how well are we measuring across channels.  Your omnichannel approach should include measuring the results and how your sales funnel is or is not converting your customer.


Which attribution models are you measuring?

Google tools are robust and can measure against several ways that a lead comes in.  Through their unique attribution modeling, they can now measure across channels and screens using a fractional conversion model instead of the old last-click model. Kevin Cho at Google points out several attribution models that can be used – Last-Click, Time Decay, Linear, Position-Based, First-Click, etc. All great measurement tools!


Are you measuring digital influences?

Digital influences is just a fancy way of saying out-of-home advertising but if you believe that none of your out-of-home advertising doesn’t lead back, in some way, to a digital channel – you’d still be living in the 1980’s.  Measurement on this can be one of the trickier ones but marketers and advertisers are getting savvy and we now know ways to keep a close eye on the measurement of our off-screen ads just as much as our on-screen ads.


In closing, Agency Entourage is your Google Partner to help you manage all of your measurement needs.  In the last Google Partner event we even got a shout out on the live stream when they answered our question during the Q & A.  We hope that you and your colleagues can join us the rest of the year for many more Google Partner events.  Here’s a list of what’s to come:

Month:                                           Focus:

March                                                 Real Estate

April                                                    Automotive

May                                                     Home Services

June                                                    Classifieds & Local

July                                                      Video

August                                                 Retail

September                                          B2B

October                                               Healthcare & Insurance

November                                           Mobile


Agency Entourage’s Google Partners Events are by RSVP only so if you want to make sure and get the emails to RSVP please sign up to be on our email list.  We’ll see you next time!

Feel free to watch the entire recording of the live stream:

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