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dallas digital marketing holiday strategy

Dynamic ads will help drive your holiday marketing in 2017.

It’s no secret holiday shopping makes up a large portion of many retailer’s annual revenue. That’s why as a Dallas digital marketing agency we’re already thinking of a creative holiday marketing strategy to help sell for our clients.

That includes using the latest Facebook technology to reach the right audience in new ways.

Reaching Your Potential Customer

Consumers are headed down a one-way path to online shopping, more specifically mobile online shopping. Facebook recently found that 30% of the platform’s mobile shoppers prefer to discover products through videos. A number that is growing not only in America, but worldwide:

Facebook holiday marketing strategy example

Photo via Facebook

Facebook recently announced its plan to roll out new dynamic video ads as a way to help retailers get a head start on the holiday season. This is a major announcement as brands look for new ways to reach potential customers and Facebook’s detailed targeting continues to improve.

What Is a Dynamic Ad?

Dynamic ads on Facebook allow you to promote relevant items from an entire catalog across any device. Agency Entourage can help you set up a product catalog, build a detailed audience and create ads. These will inspire consumers to interact or learn more about what you’re offering.

With the new video feature for Facebook dynamic ads, creating product level videos that showcase your product rather than just static images.

“Video is not just about storytelling anymore,” said Martin Barthel, global head of retail and e-commerce at Facebook. “It can drive branding and sales.”

Improved Targeting for Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Facebook is introducing a new targeting technique that will focus on entire households, not just individuals. During the holiday season, it’s not uncommon to have multiple family members influence a purchase decision for a loved one.

If you’re ready to start thinking about the holidays, give us a call at 214-414-3035. We’re experts in paid media management and will use all of the latest digital marketing tools and technologies to help you reach you reach and exceed your sales goals!

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