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Last month, social media stood still awaiting Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement on the changes to the Facebook Algorithm, a change that has a huge impact on Facebook users’ newsfeeds, but even greater for businesses who are trying to reach consumers. So, as industry experts, here is our take on what this means, for you as a consumer and for you as a business.

What The New Facebook Algorithm Really Means For Businesses

Facebook for the People, Not for Businesses

In the words of Zuckerburg, Facebook will focus on helping users “have more meaningful social interactions” over finding relevant content. What that means is that we will see less public content from businesses,pg slot  brands and media, including video and business posts, and more content from friends, family and groups that encourage meaningful interactions between people. If you’re a business, don’t panic yet because there are a few ways to optimize your Facebook pages so your content can still be seen and recognized by the Facebook Algorithm. Here’s what we recommend:

What To Do

  • Go Live – Facebook touts that live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos, meaning live videos will have greater power in your social media marketing plan. Video content will still be valuable, but live videos will definitely be something your business should look at.
  • Share Your Events – Keep things local and promote events in the communities your business is in and start taking steps to be included in Facebook Local, a Facebook app focused on events.
  • Encourage Your Followers To Prioritize Your Content – Facebook now makes it possible for users to prioritize people and businesses they want to hear from with their See First Feature, encourage your followers to add you.
  • Become a Groupie – Since Facebook is putting friends, family pg slot  and groups first, it’s a no brainer that you should start investing some time into Facebook Groups. Create groups that you can promote, monitor and generate an engaging atmosphere to interact with your fans.
  • Increase Your Ad Budget – With the consistent decline in organic reach and this new algorithm update, it will be even harder to get your content to be seen. That’s why it is a good idea to look at your ad budget and see what you can do to increase it for things like boosting organic content. It never hurts to also brush up on Facebook’s ad policies to make sure your ad content really works for you too.

What Not To Do

  • Say Goodbye to Engagement Baiting – Just like clickbait, you will no longer be able to use engagement bait to “cheat the system” on Facebook. Avoid posts that use vote bait, react bait, share bait, tag bait or comment bait.
  • Posting for Postings Sake – Gone are the days of just posting  pg slot content so you can saturate the market, because it is already oversaturated. Content will require additional thought and tailoring to your audience. Analyze your content to see what your audience wants to see and begin focusing your content around that.

Whether a consumer or a business, this new change to the Facebook Algorithm will definitely impact you one way or another, but we are here to help! Send us an email at info@agencyentourage.com or fill out our contact us form, and we would be more than happy to assist you with your social media marketing strategies.

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