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South By Southwest has a huge name for itself. It’s not limited to one definition; It is a festival, it is a conference, it is a showcase, and it is like nothing else. People of all backgrounds, from ambitious professionals to spirited hipsters flock to the streets to enjoy the various fruits SXSW and Austin has to offer them. No matter what brought you to SXSW it is important to prepare to make the most of your time there.

Maximize Your SXSW Experience

SXSW draws people by the thousands. The most important way to make the most of the first weekend is to plan ahead. you could easily waste around 50% of your time there figuring out what to do if you do not plan ahead.

Research all the sessions occurring that weekend and mark the ones you’re most interested in. Double check what kind of pass you may need for entry.

Know how to navigate your way around. Prepared for walking (this includes reasonable shoes, sunscreen, & sunglasses) regardless of what your transportation plans are. Be savvy about how you get around, you could save time and money. .

The last thing you need to prepare before you go is any useful tech accessories such as phone chargers and cameras. Everyone wants to document their time at SXSW so make sure you take the appropriate tools to do so.

Thrive in the Crowds

Once you are there you will want to check the sessions you go to aren’t a waste of time. If you’ve done your homework and pre-picked your sessions, you should not run the risk of attending one you’re uninterested in.

The best way to get engaged, is to talk and network with the presenters (if possible) or fellow attendees. Don’t forget to ask questions, this way you take away more than what they gave you.

Carry a few business cards with you. Even if you’re not there looking for anything in particular, anyone and everyone is SXSW, you never know who you’ll meet.
Even if you’re at a session and it turns out not to be what you were looking for, still be engaging and have fun. You can always learn something new or meet some interesting people.

Finish Up Your Friday on a Boat

Surely after your first day all you’ll want to do is wind down and relax but don’t miss your chance to partake in one of the coolest opportunities to see Austin. Agency Entourage is known for hosting an annual boat party at Ladybird Lake where professionals, friends and enthusiasts like you come together for a gentle cruise. This year it is on March 10th from 6:30-8:30. Kickoff the first SXSW week right at our boat party!
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