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With the 2017 holiday season just around the corner, it is essential for retailers to be prepared both online and offline. With a 25% increase in research and queries on mobile and a 14% increase in transactions via mobile, shoppers are more informed and more knowledgeable than ever. In our latest Google Partners Event, we explored retail marketing and how we can ensure online and offline success going into the holiday season.

Discoverability Drives Loyalty

Brands need to be easily discoverable by consumers. It’s as simple as that. Consumers are willing to trade brand loyalty for a brand who is there in their moment of research. In fact, 8 in 10 holiday shoppers are influenced by online sources, and 2 in 3 shoppers are looking for the BEST information provided to them regardless of company. By planning ahead, anticipating holiday traffic and creating a comprehensive audience strategy, retail brands can become discoverable quickly.

Did you know that 54% of shoppers start planning holiday shopping the day after Halloween?

Mass Messages Are Meaningless

In a world overflown with digital and retail marketing, messages that are tailored to your customer are imperative to ‘get ahead’ during this upcoming holiday season. The one size fits all approach is not the most effective way to reach your consumer. 9/10 customers agree that they would rather buy from a company that predicts their intent and suggests products to them vs a brand that does not. Contact Agency Entourage today to start planning your tailored marketing messages!

Friction Means Failure

A frictionless experience with a retailer is a game-changer. Each experience needs to be seamless for your consumer. Meaning, if your retail store has an offline and online presence, does your shopper move fluidly between the two? Two simple ways to assist in improving this is website speed and highlighting local inventory. Head to testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com to see if your site is performing at a high standard!

As a Google Partners Agency, Agency Entourage can help your retail store excel this holiday season. Contact Agency Entourage today to discuss your retail marketing initiatives via email or call us on (214) 414-3035.

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