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We’ve all heard of the Snapchat and Instagram rivalry in some form or fashion. On a surface level, they both offer the same things: Videos, Stickers, Filters, etc. One major difference between the two, however, is Audience.

Snapchat or Instagram stories, what’s best for your business?

The Fall of Snapchat

From the beginning, engagement on Snapchat stories began to take a dip after the introduction of Instagram stories. Many reports showed that view counts on average declined by 15-40 percent. Snapchat definitely took a hit, Instagram view counts soared with many influencers experiencing engagement rates that were 3-5 times higher than on snapchat. This is a no-brainer considering the format of Instagram is open and Snapchat is more private. The “open nature” of Instagram allowed the platform to quickly reach 200 million daily users, making it immediately attractive to marketers.

Snapchat or Instagram stories, what’s best for your business?

Snapchat Perks

Although the numbers on Instagram are appealing, many wonder how Instagram metrics compare. They do not measure engagement the same and many believe that Instagram Stories measures engagement in a way that inflates their numbers. Snapchat doesn’t fail to provide “sexy” marketing metrics. On average, their users spend around half an hour or more on the app daily. Nearly 60% of users create content unlike Instagram where more time is spent browsing.

Making the Right Decision

It’s not a matter of which platform is better overall, it’s about what you want to gain for your business. If you’re targeting a young demographic, Snapchat is ideal to 18-24 year olds since 60% of its audience are females under 25. This platform overall is more human, more authentic and it also allows you to take more risks and experiment. A major feature that makes it more “local” is it’s geofilters to target nearby users.

If you’re looking to target the 25 and up demographic, Instagram is your best bet. You’ll be able to get a little of the 18-24 demo, while also reaching 30-49 year olds. It’s a broader range making it vastly more difficult to experiment and also much less personal. Brands that want to build a more “professional” appeal or product-based businesses have a better appeal on Instagram. Instagram story ads also require more time and money to create top performing content.

Whether you choose the authentic route with Snapchat, or a more professional route with Instagram stories, strategy and delivery of strong content is everything. Agency Entourage can help you create impactful content and help implement digital marketing strategies that will grow your business. Give us a call at (214) 414-3035 today to position your brand for success!

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