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It’s an understatement that Facebook and Instagram’s blatant copying of Snapchat’s features hurt the little ghost’s market value. But now Snapchat is taking a page from its competitors as well. In addition to a new redesign of the app’s user interface, Snapchat has also announced an upcoming algorithm in order to suggest content to users. These are some big steps that may increase Snapchat’s value from an advertising perspective.

Better Interactions is Better Engagement

The newest version of the Snapchat interface sees a definite split between social and media. Instead of content from your friends and content from publishers living on the same page, it’s been separated. This allows people to more easily interact with the content they want. The idea is that this will then increase time spent on the app and engagement with content. Overall, this is a win-win situation for publishers and everyday users on the social media application.

Algorithms Make Content Relevant

Another mainstay of a successful social media channel is an algorithm. Facebook learned early on that no one could possibly consume all of the content available to him or her in the Newsfeed. So they developed an algorithm to help people find and engage with the content that matters to them most. As a marketer, “algorithm” can be a dirty word. But it’s actually preferable to massive amounts of people leaving the social channel in droves.

Like the change to the user interface within Snapchat, this upcoming algorithm is designed to keep people within the app and to promote engagement with content. So how should marketers adjust to this new algorithm? The answer is simple and we’ve already been doing this for every other social platform. Produce content relevant to your audience and they will engage with your brand.

Should my brand be on Snapchat?

Channel selection is an important part of any content strategy. There are so many places you can be in today’s digital world. There are social media platforms, online forum communities such as Reddit, online video streaming, shopping sites such as Amazon and the list goes on. Agency Entourage helps brands simplify the digital landscape everyday and connect the dots between these digital entities and your audience.

So should your brand be on Snapchat with all of the latest changes? Maybe! Contact us or email us at info@agencyentourage.com to inquire more!

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