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SXSW 2018 Interactive has officially begun, and we are kicking off our week with AI: Transforming Luxury, Fashion and Beauty. It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming just about every industry. With guest speakers from renowned brands such as L’Oreal, Reveal, and Heuritech, this session explores how artificial intelligence is transforming luxury, fashion and beauty and how these industries are integrating this technology.

Online and In-Store Product Personalization

Artificial Intelligence is bringing a new level of experience to luxury, fashion and beauty brands. L’Oreal is using tools like AI to be able to personalize products based on consumers specific needs. Their new unveiling, DOSE, focuses on combining real-time dermatologist advice with AI product suggestions, making a perfect example of how L’Oreal is translating the technology to be relevant to their consumer. Reveal is also using AI to create a personalized difference in-store to consumers. Megan Berry (Reveal) comments that AI is not just about duplicating what can be done online, it’s about elevating the in-person experience which cannot be done traditionally. Their in-store AI strategy includes inventory management, well informed and knowledgeable recommendations, all while maintaining the in-person experience.

Multi-Faceted Strategies

AI is introducing the need for a seamless, multi-faceted marketing strategy. If brands want every person in the world to engage and have a personalized experience, AI needs to be complimentary in all human aspects while also bringing additional value to their life. How can we use technology to bring experiences and products? Brands still need human touch to move forward as technology can only do so much.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics

Technology is rapidly changing, and AI is becoming the focus. It’s important for all brands to ask themselves:

  • How does that technology relate to their core value?
  • Does it provide your consumer with direct value?

It’s important to note that every single piece of technology you use is relevant to the brand and makes sense. When you use correct values, you can provide consumers with value. If your brand starts with core values of what you want to create, brands also, in turn, create higher levels of integrity.

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