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SXSW Session 2019

If you’re in the DFW market, then you’re no stranger to Hispanic marketing. It’s easy to research the demographic data behind the ever-growing population of U.S. Hispanics, but identifying and acting on the psychographics to truly connect your brand with this audience can be a challenge. In this SXSW session, Nielsen thoroughly explained their research on the modern U.S. Hispanic audience that they call Latinx. Here are the top insights into why Latinx is one of the most influential communities. 

Who are Latinx?

Latinx is a fairly new term to describe the modern Hispanic community. It’s more inclusive, gender-neutral term that is used instead of Latino or Latina and it shouldn’t be confused as a generational marker.

Youthful in Age and Expression

Latinx is a very youthful culture in the United States. The median age of Latinx is only 28 and 1/3 of the Hispanic population is under the age of 18. Because this community is so young, they are pacesetting the culture for everyone else as well.

Hispanic Cultural Norms are Very Impactful

Latinx consumers are super consumers of new technology and spend more time on mobile devices. They spend upwards of 16 hours a week consuming online content and at least 3 hours of that time is spent social networking. They are also more likely to post reviews and offer opinions on products and services online. Why are they leading the charge on the use of online platforms? Hispanic cultural norms are very impactful.

Hispanic culture is gregarious in nature. They value sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions among participating in big cultural events and spending time with family. Connection is a huge part of the culture and those behaviors translate to online channels as well. 73% of Hispanics agreed that their culture matters most to who they are and it is important to pass on that culture to the next generation.

More Connected to Culture than Ever Before

Technology is increasingly fueling a frictionless experience to connecting with Hispanic culture. 39% of Hispanics say they are more connected to culture than their parents were. This is due to how easy technology makes it to consume cultural content and multi-generational households help older Hispanics stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

Music is an Important Cultural Connection Point

In general, there are more companies and entities connected to music than ever before and music consumption is exploding as technology makes it easier and easier to access and listen to music. However, Latin music itself is becoming more popular and is consumed by everyone. In 2018, the #1 global song was Havana by Camila Cabello. The #1 most watched music video on YouTube is Despacito and leads by almost 2 billion views.

Music is a cultural connection point and Latinx spends 3 – 4 hours more time listening to music than other demographics. On average, Latinx owns 5 devices for listening to music with the biggest growth being in smart speakers. 54% of Latinx are also more likely to view a brand favorably if it sponsors a concert or tour.

It is important to note that these trends are impacting the U.S. as a whole, but Hispanics are over indexing in these areas, meaning that they are the leading demographic adopting these trends at a faster pace. If you want to learn more about the Latinx community, contact Agency Entourage!

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