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Starting Digital Advertising For your Business

Today we will be taking a look at the three most basic things to do when starting digital advertising for your business. If you’re new to digital marketing, you’ve come to the right place. Agency Entourage is a digital marketing agency and we’re always here to help.

Whether you’re managing a small business or large operation, there are a few common things you’ll have to do to start marketing your business online. We will assume that you already have some type of website in this discussion (if you don’t, it’s totally fine, check out our website development capabilities).

Without further ado, here are the three most basic things to do when starting digital advertising for your business:

1): Install Google Analytics

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A great person once said, “you can’t measure what you don’t track.” Installing Google Analytics into your website is one of the most important tasks to check off before starting your first digital campaign.

Google Analytics is by far the most widely used digital analytics reporting platform. It allows you to see how many people are going to your website, what they are interested in, where they came from and many other important digital insights.

Use it to see what digital marketing tactics work best for your business and optimize your online strategy. Should you need assistance setting up Google Analytics, let us know.

2): Confirm Your Business Listings

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There are a ton of online listing services out there. Make sure your customers can easily find your address, phone number, hours of operation and website on the more popular listing publications like Google My Business.

This is critical for your customers to find you. Updating and maintaining your listings is a great way to ensure that your customers are able to reach you wherever they are online.

3): Create an Inbound Marketing Campaign

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What will you do to entice users to visit your website? Starting an inbound marketing program is a great way to gain website visits. Leverage different content marketing channels like social media, blogs, email and many others that make sense for your business. Doing this will attract potential customers to your website.

Are you ready to start marketing your business online? We’d love to help you! Contact us here or give us a call at (214) 414-3035.

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