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SXSW sessions that can teach us about modern marketing

Each year, Austin TX becomes the meeting place for industry experts from around the world to collide with creativity and conversation. So what can we, Agency Entourage, learn from SXSW 2017? More often than not, the answer to this question is quite simple. I take a look into some avant-garde SXSW sessions that teach us about modern marketing and explore how their unique, or unusual, ideas can ultimately help our team continue to evolve and become masters in our craft.

Being Human: How Personal Stories Change the World

Tapping into the audience’s emotions is the secret sauce for any marketer. Much like psychology, advertising is all about knowing what our audience needs and wants to hear. Think of “Humans of New York.” Who would have thought that personal stories from unknown strangers in New York City would impact and touch the hearts of millions across the globe? At Agency Entourage, we have worked with some poignant clients. From teen steroid use to chronic diseases and cancer, one thing remains common: our clients have a mission to help people. The difficulty arises with audience confrontation. What is the right balance? When do we toe the line of “too much?”. This SXSW session is sure to explore tips and advice on how to deliver just the right amount of personal stories and branding.

How To Do “Taboo” In A Digital World

Social media has opened the door to public discussion around topics that have been considered somewhat “taboo” in the past. As marketers, it’s important to know how to tackle taboo topics that can help increase brand awareness in a positive way. “Nuts For Fish’n” (A.K.A Balls Deep Tackle) and the Taylor Hooton Foundation are AE client’s that face the battle of taboo talk. The question is: how can we raise awareness for testicular cancer all while keeping in line with BDT’s brand tone and brand touch points? How can we succeed in THF’s “All Me P.E.D free” vision without “scaring” our target audience? Taboo talk is here to stay. It’s up to us to know how to use it.

Diversity Now: Pushing Boundaries Forward

Minorities are becoming the majority, we are seeing Cover Girl position a male as their new muse, and we are witnessing a #LoveTrumpsHate campaign. Millions of brands and agencies worldwide have pledged to welcome diversity, but have they? This SXSW session explores how to act on diversity and avoid shallow speech. As individuals in this industry with social platforms and brands that can make a difference, we need to be thought leaders in this space.

What we can learn from SXSW as marketers is unparalleled and an invaluable experience. Check out this video to see a small spotlight on SXSW 2017:

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