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branded content advertisingIn an increasingly digital world, users have more power than ever when it comes to advertising. How can you break through? Branded content.

Otto Bell, Chief Creative Officer of CNN’s Courageous Studio, discussed the importance of adding branded content to your marketing mix during his SXSW session: What’s Next After Advertising? The Jump to Content. 

“Attention is the advertising tax,” Bell said.

A tax users no longer want to pay. Thanks to the ability to skip ads online, fast-forward through commercials or simply keep scrolling in a news feed, advertisers are losing power for the first time in history. Over 80 million people used ad blockers in 2017!

How To Created Branded Content

Everyone knows product-placement when they see it.pg slot  That perfectly placed Coca-Cola can or the actor who uses a certain brand in a movie. Branded content is more authentic and helps you tell your brand’s story more so than pitch your product.

Here is an example of branded content that is well-executed, timely and helps tell the story of Mass Mutual, a Massachusetts based mutual life insurance company.

Three Branded Content Lessons from Otto Bell

  1. Find Your Story – Be clear about what you want your brand to be known for. Your logo isn’t your brand,pg slot  it’s your story that will capture people’s attention.
  2. Make It Emotional – Loosen your grip on a scripted approach. Today’s consumer is incredibly visually literate and can spot a placement a mile away. If you tap into a consumer’s emotions, they are more likely to recall you brand.
  3. Plan for Spontaneity – The world of content is always on. Align your brand with upcoming events or moments that your brand can align with for an impactful message.

As we move past “traditional” digital advertising,pg slot  it’s important that you find ways to tell your brand story to break through to consumers. The rise of digital media has put control into the people’s hands, now it’s time to adjust.

Agency Entourage specializes in helping you develop your brand and story in an official Brand Workshop. Give a us a call today at 214-414-3035 or contact us online to pet us begin producing branded content for you!

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