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Many businesses approach us with the same question: “Do I really need to be on social media? What’s the benefit?” With a variety of business types out there, not every social media channel is necessary and the right mix of social media channels varies. We want to walk you through why social media marketing will continue to be an important part of your business strategy to reach your customers.

Why Do I Need Social Media Marketing For My Company?

Our response to this is often peppered with more questions about your customer, because there is not a one-size-fits-all social media solution. Depending on who you’re trying to reach, we can find which channels those individuals spend the most time on and select those that fit best to focus your content distribution. Channels include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, and more, but each of these has a specified purpose and audience which we can align with your business strategy.

The Best Social Channels For Different Purposes

If you’re just starting your social media marketing, each of these social platforms include audiences of different demographic backgrounds which can result in very different results for your business. If you’re looking to reach a business audience with highly technical content, LinkedIn is probably the best fit. However, if you’re looking to drive consumer sales with the help of Influencer Marketing, Instagram or Pinterest might be the way to go. Depending on your goals as a business owner, we can also use these channels to get your content in front of new audiences with paid media.

Social Media Strategies Without A Budget Are Ready to Bust

While we highly recommend a consistent organic social posting schedule, social media hasn’t been free to play in quite a while. By this, we mean that your organic reach is going to be incredibly low without allocating a budget to help get this content in front of the right users. Especially if your business profile is brand new, it’s encouraged to devote a budget to growing your presence so that your content gets in front of the right audience.

When investing in social media marketing for your business, the team at Agency Entourage can help to guide you through the lens of business strategy to find the best fit for your company. Whether your brand has been around for awhile, just rebranded, or is new to the market, we can devise a social media strategy that helps your customers find you in the digital landscape.

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