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Our team at Agency Entourage had the opportunity to work with PLEX Capital to create a video that truly captures the essence of their brand story. We traveled to Kansas City to capture the everyday work life at PLEX Capital and showcase their impactful relationships with their clients. Our goal was to create a video that not only highlights the charisma of CEO Amanda Villareal but also tells the story of PLEX Capital’s dedication to providing the best financial services.

To achieve this, we incorporated storytelling aspects into the video, highlighting real-life interactions between PLEX Capitalis team and their clients. We also used cinematic shots and dynamic editing to create a visually stunning video that captures the essence of the brand.

The final video showcases the professionalism and expertise of PLEX Capital while also emphasizing their dedication to building Strong relationships with their clients. By telling PLEX Capital’s story in this way, we aimed to attract potential clients to use their services. The video Will be prominently featured on PLEX Capital’s new website and social media platforms, and we believe it Will be a valuable tool for the company’s growth and success.

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