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Bloggers Get the Word Out About the AIDs Vaccine
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The Brief

There is a promising vaccine for the AIDs virus. Its development is funded by our client, Chronic Disease Fund. CDF challenged Agency Entourage to help raise national awareness for this potential AIDs vaccine. Considering the present-day misperceptions towards funding AIDs relief and the stigma attached to the AIDs crisis, we had our work cut out for us.

The Solution

Agency Entourage launched a highly targeted awareness and fundraising campaign online called Re:solve. Working with a very conservative budget for a national campaign, we knew we would need word-of-mouth to help stretch our digital media dollar as far as it would go. From the very beginning, we designed our digital marketing strategy to reach individuals through social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. We also created a blog to generate dialogue and discussion around the issues surrounding the AIDs epidemic. Finally, we followed over 400 bloggers, forums, and discussion groups, sharing our blog posts and commenting on theirs.

The Creative

Based on our secondary research, we created blog posts with content targeting the specific issues around finding a cure for AIDs. The 30-second spots we developed for our digital advertising were posted on over two-dozen video websites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) where we increased the entries’ search engine performance. Search engine marketing was another primary focus for the campaign. We developed a strategically defined set of ad groups and keywords and ran search ads with each of the major search engines. Our 30-second videos ran as pre-roll spots on video sites like Hulu and as embedded videos in targeted rich-media banner ads. We drove traffic to the website and landing pages where users could learn more about the AIDs vaccine and make an online donation towards the Stage 1 clinical trials.

The Result

  • 2,700 new Facebook followers
  • 1,600 mew Twitter followers
  • 6,000 new views on YouTube

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