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Building A Website Structure Around Audience Segments
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The Brief

Fisher Clinical Services is a part of the BioPharma Services division of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the world leader in serving science. Fisher Clinical Services enables their customers to make the world healthier, cleaner & safer. Fisher Clinical Services turned to the Agency Entourage web design experts to redesign their global website and improve its usefulness to a broad and diverse group of audience segments.

The Solution

Agency Entourage developed a new digital marketing strategy, beginning with a customer matrix organizing Fisher Clinical Services’ solutions by industry, customer pain-point, service category, and point-of-use. With this re-alignment of their products came a new naming convention and product hierarchy. This customer matrix provided one of the key foundational elements for the website design. Next, we conducted search engine keyword research to determine the topics and keywords of greatest interest to our diverse audience. Finally, we developed a usability matrix that divided topical content and product content into categories based on how people used the Fisher Clinical Website.

The Creative

The result of our research and planning is a website that provides multiple inroads to critical content. These inroads are distributed in key menus throughout the primary navigation of the website. Mega menus in the masthead provide an easy system for users to browse for solutions based on industry or service category. The footer navigation provides inroads through meaningful headings such as “Connect With Us,” “Key Topics,” “Popular Links,” and “Information For”, providing links for specific audience segments.

The Result

  • 10% to 27% increases in site traffic each month from new site visitors
  • 27% increase in new user sessions over the previous year

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