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Campaign Development & Planning

Car Buyers Get Happy With Buyers Rejoice
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The Brief

RoadLoans.com began as a service for credit-challenged consumers who needed to buy a car. To serve this audience, they developed a system that processes loan applications quickly and efficiently, making it possible for car buyers to get pre-approved for their vehicle purchase. Due to the success of their efficient process, RoadLoans.com was quickly embraced by the largest car selling portals on the Internet. AutoTrader, Kelly Blue Book, eBay, and Cars.com each established RoadLoans.com as the lender-of-choice for their customers. With this explosive success came the need to reposition the brand and appeal to more car buyers.

The Solution

Agency Entourage was enlisted to lead the brand repositioning effort. This repositioning began with our brand workshop and resulted in a new brand marketing strategy, based on some key insights. First, the marketplace did not already have a significant lender specializing in loaning money exclusively to car buyers. This opened the door for RoadLoans.com to reframe their brand and their message to all car buyers. Second, getting pre-approved to buy a car made a significant difference in how confident car buyers felt while negotiating with dealerships. Instead of focusing on getting a loan fast and easy, RoadLoans.com can train consumers to get a loan before they shop for a car. These insights helped form the strategic platform of empowerment for the RoadLoans.com brand. From that strategic platform, we launched our first campaign, “Buyers Rejoice.”

The Creative

“Buyers Rejoice” captures the confident feeling car buyers experience when empowered with an approved loan. The emotional payoff for our message to car buyers is to “Get your loan and then get your car and you’ll have reason to celebrate, too.” With a new digital marketing strategy in place, we are training consumers to get their loan first. We’ve integrated our campaign on the RoadLoans.com website, partner sites, branded social media marketing channels, email, and online display advertising through the behavioral targeting of consumers in the market to buy a car.

The Result

The results have been incredible. Almost every metric RoadLoans.com measures has improved since the new homepage went live. Every metric points to improved customer engagement.

  • The bounce rate has dropped by 5%
  • Applications have increased by 39%
  • Completed applications have increased by 5%

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