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Email Marketing

Converting casual readers into customers
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The Brief

Qualtrust Credit Union has branches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as San Angelo. By implementing a monthly newsletter, Qualtrust hoped to grow their brand awareness around local branches in addition to incentivizing credit union membership, providing subscribers with exclusive information and ultimately growing their business through website traffic.

Challenges included:

  • Getting users to not only open the email, but also click through the content
  • Getting readers to share content in the newsletter
  • Converting subscribers to clients
  • Raising awareness of the mobile app and generating downloads
  • Using the newsletter content to prompt readers into contacting Qualtrust

The Solution

Agency Entourage created content around viral headlines, which prompt email subscribers to click through the newsletter. We link as much content in the newsletter as possible to track who’s clicking what information and how they’re directed to the Qualtrust website. Our digital content creation team provides linked emails in the newsletter content, as well as useful, relevant content that subscribers will find beneficial.

The Creative

Prior to sending the February eNewsletter, traffic to the Qualtrust website and blog was low, with only one person finding their way to the site on February 8th. After the email was sent on February 11, activity made a huge jump to 130 sessions. All of these sessions were the direct result of clicks through the newsletter.

While users are still finding the Qualtrust website and blog other ways, primarily via social media outlets, the newsletter enables subscribers to click directly through to the website, blog or relevant page on Qualtrust.com, making up 77% of traffic, while organic search only accounts for 1.8%. We’re also able to quantify where exactly people are clicking from: direct (newsletter), Facebook, Google, Qualtrust, Bing or other outlet.
Finally, we are able to see exactly where on the Qualtrust blog and website people are clicking through from the newsletter. This allows us to find out what content subscribers are interested in and how they navigate newsletter content.

The Result

  • Hundreds of website visits with every newsletter
  • Direct traffic from the newsletter makes up 77% of website traffic
  • Ability to target exactly where traffic is from

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