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Creative Design

Data Creates Stunning Visual Effect
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The Brief

eClinical Solutions provides data-driven solutions for its clients in the clinical trial industry. They help clients visualize, manage, and utilize the data generated from their clinical trials. Information about eClinical’s solutions is very technical. Typically this is information shared but not covered in detail during face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and conferences.

The Solution

Agency Entourage applied the brand marketing strategy developed for eClinical Solutions to their collateral program. “Data is Simply Beautiful” became the answer to their need for collateral that would be remembered and referred to by their customers. Agency Entourage created digital brochures formatted for computer screens and designed to give the technical information the space it needed to be easily understood. Over-sized postcards were designed to carry the visual theme of the collateral while providing a scaled-down version of each brochure. This way, prospective customers could get an easy-to-understand overview of the solution in a memorable card containing a link to the detailed version of the collateral online.

The Creative

“Data is Simply Beautiful” is a visual concept comparing the data-driven art of Tatiana Plakhova to the data-driven solutions of eClinical Solutions. Tatiana Plakhova is a fine artist and illustrator who creates works of art using a special technique. All of her pieces are the result of selective data sets put into motion. The result: magnificent displays of lines, shapes and colors arranged by the application of data. For eClinical Solutions, we selected five works of art from Tatiana which represent five key areas of their business.

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