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Facebook PPC Makes Client’s Smile Sparkle
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The Brief

SmileWorkshop is a full-service dental practice with 9 locations throughout Texas. Primarily located in North Texas, SmileWorkshop caters to families. They perform all dental procedures, including general dentistry, orthodontics, pedodontics, endodontics, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. To increase their total number of new patients, SmileWorkshop approached Agency Entourage for a digital marketing strategy.

The Solution

At the beginning of 2014, Agency Entourage developed new landing pages specifically designed for lead generation. Using Facebook PPC, Agency Entourage displayed SmileWorkshop’s special offers to target individuals in specific zip codes. In July 2014, Agency Entourage created a Facebook advertisement online promoting Venus teeth whitening for new patients. Using a budget of $600, Agency Entourage generated a 5,125% ROAS ($tK in revenue) for SmileWorkshop.

The Creative

This particular Facebook PPC ad focused on a special type of teeth whitening and appeared in the News Feeds of highly targeted females living near SmileWorkshop’s locations.

The Result

  • 36 patient appointments in 30 days
  • Average value per patient of $880
  • $31,700 in appointments

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