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Helping BerkleyNet Toy With New Customers
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The Brief

We started our relationship with BerkleyNet by collaborating with them through our brand workshop. BerkleyNet utilizes a regionally-based distribution model comprised of select retail agencies, wholesale partners and specialty distributors. As they expand into new regions, they have to introduce themselves each time. To help with the introductions, Agency Entourage developed a customer acquisition communication strategy that would be sent ahead of a sales call to establish BerkleyNet’s brand promise.

The Solution

BerkleyNet utilizes web-based technology to provide a host of online insurance applications for its agents and policyholders. BerkleyNet’s business model allowed them to deliver service to their customers in real-time, making it real easy and real convenient. We started our relationship with BerkleyNet by collaborating with them through our brand workshop. As a result of the brand workshop, we created the campaign tagline, “Amazingly Fast. Ridiculously Easy.”

The Creative

Prospective customers received a package that included a pocket folder and black bag. The note attached to the black bag reads, “We decided to see what would happen when we applied our ridiculously fast and amazingly easy policy-writing principles to a few other things…” Inside the black bag are three objects designed to demonstrate what we mean by “ridiculously” fast and “amazingly” easy.

The first item is a jigsaw puzzle that has only one piece. The next item is a Rubic’s cube that is divided into two parts. The third item is a paddleball with a short, 2-inch string. Additional toys, both individually and collectively, are now used at trade shows, recruiting events and client meetings to clearly demonstrate BerkleyNet’s competitive advantage. In an industry known for its dry communication, this package really breaks through to make a powerful, positive first-impression. Everyone loved the toys and they’ve become a staple on desks throughout BerkleyNet’s targeted regions.

The Result

  • 100% recall rate from prospects when they make their follow up phone calls
  • 80% of calls result in a meeting between the prospective customer and the BerkleyNet sales rep.

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