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Social Media Marketing & Integration

How social media can liven up an event
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The Brief

Allegiance Capital Corporation is an investment bank which specializes in financing and selling businesses in the middle market. Each year, Allegiance Capital Corporation sponsors the Texas Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Capital Connection. The Texas ACG Capital Connection enables business owners, executives, intermediaries and other service providers in the Southwest to network with the nation’s leading sources of private equity and debt capital.

The Solution

Weeks ahead of the event, Agency Entourage cultivated an online following of attendees and industry-related people. Agency Entourage heightened Allegiance Capital’s profile by working with the onsight videographer to interview keynote speakers at the conference (like Ben Stein), establishing a hashtag on Twitter, interacting live from the event with attendees, live blogging during presentations, and shooting and uploading YouTube videos during the event.

The Creative

The “Beyond the Podium” campaign made it possible for Allegiance Capital to discuss news and forecasts of the industry with individuals at TX ACG Capital Connection, as well as those who were unable to attend the event in person.

The Result

1st ever live blogging from the TX ACG, 41% increase in Twitter followers; (arrow icon pointing up) a dramatic rise in the number of visits to their blog; 1,382 YouTube channel views; (footsteps icon) steady traffic to their booth

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