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Search Engine Optimization

Increasing Sales through Site Optimization

The Brief

At Christian Brothers Automotive, the leadership team understands automotive care is more than just a physical world business. Online exposure can create a sales funnel that empties directly out to the franchise locations. The first step in driving more online traffic to the store is driving more traffic online.

The Solution

Agency Entourage increased traffic utilizing a few different tactics: a new search engine marketing strategy, updating each franchise website for search engines, creating digital content based around the marketing strategy and building a backlink profile filled with relevant links. With a tracking phone number system integrated with their online profiles, Christian Brothers Automotive was able to see the results of the new digital marketing strategy in real time.

The Creative

Christian Brothers Automotive saw the most significant increase in revenue through their “Schedule a Visit” forms, located on each location’s website. This simple form effectively funnels sales into the shop by allowing the customer to schedule the exact type of service needed quickly and easily.

The Result

  • 159% increase in web-based revenue
  • $99,000 increase in revenue over the previous month
  • 12% increase in website traffic
  • 16.9% increase in phone call conversion

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