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The Brief

Good Days® is the fundraising arm of Chronic Disease Fund. They provide financial assistance and medication to patients who cannot afford the medications they so desperately need. As a relatively new brand entity, Good Days from CDF asked Agency Entourage to develop a communication and marketing strategy that would educate and inform consumers, and allow them to keep in touch with potential donors and patients.

The Solution

With careful consideration to frequency, media types and delivery channels, Agency Entourage recommended a well-rounded marketing strategy that included monthly and quarterly communications via email and direct mail campaigns. These components were also paired with an online companion, which was accessible on the Good Days website.

The Creative

Agency Entourage developed a Welcome Kit, designed to have a big impact on new donors and supporters of Good Days. The opening spread of the Welcome Kit was created to thank donors for their contribution and invite them to join our retention program. A brief survey was included in the Welcome Kit to give us insight into the type of content donors would prefer to receive in their monthly communication. The Welcome Kit was then followed by monthly articles, which featured content of the donors’ selected interests in the format of their choosing: email or print. They also received quarterly newsletters and quarterly holiday email greetings.

The Result

  • Increased awareness
  • The provision of relevant health information
  • Steady increase in donations to Good Days

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