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Producing Results In Unexpected Locations
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The Brief

“We were using email as an acquisition tool until this fall,” explains Gladys Gavlak, McAfee eCommerce Marketing Manager. McAfee would probably have stuck with email to Server Message Block (SMB) lists longer, except for one big problem: no matter how they targeted the list by company type and job title, fewer than 1/17th of the names would be remotely in the prospect pool.

The Solution

Agency Entourage developed a banner advertising campaign. This campaign produced results for McAfee based on insights gained through our research on small business owners. For the campaign, we created rich media advertising units designed to learn when a small business owner’s security software was about to expire. The ad units were designed with the (usually separate) landing page built into the ad. The interactive ad unit offered a free whitepaper and product demonstration for those who registered – directly through the ad unit.

The Creative

McAfee’s Total Protection product is a security service monitored by McAfee’s team around the clock. We likened this security monitoring to the activity of a news station that monitors and broadcasts the news 24 hours a day. With this in mind, we created the (fictional) LAN Network News Team; a team of four news anchors constantly monitoring the events that take place on the McAfee protected computer network. The twist is that, since McAfee’s Total Protection works so well at stopping security threats before they happen, our intrepid news team had very little real action to report.

The Result

  • 85% of conversions took place during site re-visits within the 90 day tracking period
  • The ad units received a 10.9% interaction rate (a full point higher than average results)
  • Tens of thousands of new customers acquired in the first 90 days

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