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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Delivers Leading Results for this Winning Company
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The Brief

In 1986, Roger Staubach and Chris Maguire created Staubach Retail Services. In 2009, their company evolved into SRS Real Estate Partners. Today, SRS is proudly the largest real estate firm exclusively dedicated to retail services in North America. Maintaining their leadership position in search engine results is a priority for the brand.

The Solution

Agency Entourage’s first step was to conduct extensive research on the keywords that are responsible for the greatest amount of web traffic for SRS and its competitors. Additional research was conducted to identify the key topics of discussion in the real estate industry. We wanted to know what drives individuals to search engines for content. Based on the research and our insights, we updated their search engine marketing strategy and the SRS website content and architecture to align with our targeted keywords. By monitoring changes in search behavior and performing a monthly review, we ensure search results have improved and high search engine rankings are maintained.

The Creative

Targeted keywords were applied to Title META Tags, Description META Tags, ALT Tags for photos, H1 Title Tags, and H2 Title Tags. We gracefully incorporated groups of keywords by topic into the content of the site, ensuring targeted keywords are placed in primary positions.

The Result

  • 3X the total number of #1 ranking keywords
  • 35 targeted keywords rank in the Google Top Ten

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