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The Brief

Every day, 1,100 units of life-saving donated blood are needed to support the healthcare facilities that Carter BloodCare serves. Unfortunately, most people only consider making a blood donation in times of crisis, so the biggest challenge facing Carter BloodCare is meeting their daily need for donors.

The Solution

Agency Entourage developed an integrated marketing strategy that included a new website, TV spots, radio ads, rich-media online advertising, search engine marketing, and a loyalty program to encourage individuals to donate more often.

Since Carter BloodCare relies on the donations of over 1,100 people every day, our digital marketing strategy brought together several of these “every day” heroes to help deliver the message to the rest of the community that blood donations save lives. The TV spots run as 15-second bookends so that every commercial break begins and ends with a message from the town’s blood donors.

The Creative

The Result

  • 1100+ blood donations every month for 4 years in a row
  • 5% average click through rate for SEM campaign
  • 6000+ new site visitors in the 1st quarter of the marketing campaign

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