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Community Building IG

Instagram has become a crowded space for brands, but rightfully so. Younger audiences have fled Facebook and Twitter, choosing to engage on newer social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat. At the same time though, the audience on Instagram has started to age up. This makes Instagram a coveted channel for brands and small businesses to attract followers and engage with potential customers.

One issue we see among small businesses is the difficulty in growing a sizable following on Instagram. Even if the content is amazing, it can be a challenge to increase your reach. You may be using the tactic of including copious amounts of hash tags, which isn’t bad. While this may have given you a slight increase in likes, you may have noticed you’re not getting as many followers as you would like.

#1 Small Business Tip: Community Building

Community building is key for building a real and valuable Instagram following and it doesn’t happen overnight. Just like working out, you get what you put into it and consistency is key. What is community building? Well, you need to interact with users just as you would on a personal account. Respond to comments and direct messages, like other people’s photos and provide value in the process.

“Fake Instagram accounts are not potential customers, people are.”

This is the secret to building a valuable Instagram following consisting of real people for your business. There are plenty of websites that let you buy followers, but fake Instagram accounts are not potential customers, people are.

Community Building Builds Value

Of course there are other ways of building your Instagram following. For example, if you have a retail space, make sure your staff is letting people know that you’re on Instagram. People especially love following local businesses, but it’s more difficult when you don’t have a retail space. That’s why community building is essential. A marketer can’t just push out content and expect to see return. Brands must cultivate their social community by providing them value and engaging with them as an active user would on the platform.

Plenty of Dallas and Oklahoma City digital marketing agencies employ the set-it-and-forget-it mentality. But at Agency Entourage, we understand how to build online communities and brands. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how community building can bring value to your business.

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