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4 Digital Marketing Tactics All Small Businesses Should Test

Do you handle digital marketing for a small business? If so, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll be discussing four digital marketing tactics you should test. Rest assured, these are quick and proven tactics that should give your business a boost online.

Local Awareness Ads on Facebook

What brick and mortar business doesn’t want more visitors? A simple way to gain more attention from potential customers is to run local awareness and store visit ads on Facebook.

These ad types allow you to get your brand in the newsfeeds of people within a certain distance of your business’ location. The content of your ad will change depending on the ad format and campaign objective you set. You’ll have the option to prompt users with images, video or carousel content with an array of calls to action (Learn More, Call Now, Get Directions…etc).

Add TV Assets to YouTube

When a small business’ TV ad isn’t airing, it’s really not helping promote the business. Adding your TV assets to your brand’s YouTube channel is a guaranteed way to show your ad to more people. It’s also great for SEO and on-site content.

Claim Nextdoor Account And Interact

If your small business only caters to a very specific, local customer base, it may be a good idea to claim a Nextdoor listing. This will allow you to interact with residents who live near your business. If you’re not familiar with what this platform is, we provided a breakdown of it on our blog about the 3 Content Marketing Platforms Your Brand Is Probably Not Using. 

Remarket to Your Existing Customers

One of the most effective forms of digital marketing is remarketing. Setting this up on your website is a great way to re-engage with users who are already familiar with your business. Once your remarketing list has gotten big enough, you’ll be able to advertise to an extremely high-quality audience.

Take your digital marketing strategy for small business to the next level by testing these tactics. Contact us now if you’d like to talk with us about our marketing capabilities.

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