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Interested in marketing your real estate business online? Whether you’re a realtor, property owner or in the market to buy, there are plenty of real estate marketing platforms out there to help you on your journey to home selling and buying. Here are 4 platforms to leverage when creating a successful real estate marketing strategy.

1. Zillow

If you’re not on Zillow already, this platform should be your top priority. Zillow is an online real estate database company that provides data on over 110 million homes across the United States. It gives estimates of homes, allows users the ability to compare homes and post their own homes for sale or lease.

Not only does Zillow offer a myriad of opportunities for free advertising, but it also provides innovative solutions for those looking to run paid advertising campaigns. Zillow offers both a mobile and desktop interface, allowing you to target and reach a variety of demographics including millennials, Spanish speakers and first-time home buyers!

2. Facebook

Facebook is a multi-purpose channel for real estate marketing. Whether you’re maintaining a page for a housing community, engaging residents and potential home buyers with organic content pieces or running Facebook ads for your community, Facebook offers ways to target virtually anybody.

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When creating any content for Facebook, ensure that you inject your brand into the real estate customer journey with a smart, defined channel strategy. Provide value to your potential customers early on, avoid a hard sell and remember to leverage their online behaviors first.

3. Modern Stamp

If you’re looking for a hybrid tool that takes traditional methods of real estate marketing and brings them to the digital age, Modern Stamp is ideal. With Modern Stamp, you can create simple, event marketing through the creation of digital invitations.

The platform allows you to also plan the event, manage RSVPs and see how many people viewed your invitation. Additionally, you can interact with possible attendees and send automatic reminders before your event.

4. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a free, private social network that allows users to connect with other verified users in their network. Aside from its social capabilities, Nextdoor allows you to find and claim your local business giving users the opportunity to review and find you.

Image source via realestate.nextdoor.com

Among their newest offerings are real estate ads. If you’re a realtor, you can build your reputation with a local page, post Branded Listings that showcase recent recommendations and become a “Neighborhood Sponsor” by purchasing zip codes and securing ad placements in the Real Estate section, Newsfeed and Digest email.

These platforms and their built-in tools will allow you to create a thriving real estate marketing campaign. Agency Entourage can help you define your audience, create data-driven marketing strategies and optimize paid ad campaigns on any platform. Contact us or email info@agencyentourage.com to start your journey today!

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