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As we venture into 2018, more and more artificial intelligence devices are entering the consumer space to rival ‘the original’ smart speaker, Amazon Alexa. Arguably, the biggest value of these devices is how smart they really are. We discuss Amazon Alexa VS Google Home in this blog and uncover which device really does do it better.

How Smart Is Amazon Alexa VS Google Home?

Forbes recently completed a study of 45 challenging questions that pitted the two devices against each other. The power of Google’s Search Engine puts Google Home on top in this department and Home literally has an answer for every question. When comparing Amazon Alexa VS Google Home, it is clear that between Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Google, there really isn’t much competition as to which device is smarter.

How Many Smart Home Devices Can They Connect To?

If controlling your thermostat, unlocking the front door, or turning off the lights via a simple voice command is appealing, then the Amazon Alexa is the smart speaker for you. While Home excels in answering every day questions compared to Alexa, integrating and controlling other smart home devices is a room for improvement. However, that being said, Google Home is able to vocally control your ChromeCast and access your Gmail and Calendar.

Artificial Intelligence is evolving every single day and will continue to do so at a rapid rate. By comparing Amazon Alexa VS Google Home, one thing remains clear: if it is a chore to interact with AI, the device loses its entire value. For that reason, Google Home wins this debate.

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