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Best Content Distribution Strategies for 2017

What are your Content Distribution Strategies for 2017?

It’s now 2017 and while a whole lot has changed on social media and the Internet in general, the way digital marketers are distributing their content has remained stagnant. Your high quality content isn’t doing you any good if no one sees it.

The Internet is in a constant state of exponential growth. There are more places than ever where people are spending time online. Distributing content through email marketing and a couple of social media channels is not going to allow you to reach your goals. Agency Entourage wants to help you revitalize your content distribution strategies in a way that makes sense for 2017.

Online Hide-and-Seek

More than one-half of the world’s population is online. So you know the audience you’re trying to reach is there, but where are they? It’s easier said than done to find where lawyers, doctors and specific groups of millennial segments are hanging out. Gone are the days where demographic targeting on Facebook is enough to reach them.

Online communities are largely untapped by marketers. Engaging in hand-to-hand marketing in places like LinkedIn Groups, Quora, Reddit and other online communities is a proven way to grow your customer base. When you start to dig into these online communities and forums you’ll discover a treasure trove of rich audiences for you to interact with.

Influencers are the Best Distributors

Best Content Distribution Strategies

Influencer marketing online is no longer new, but it’s still an effective way to spread the word about your product or service. The trend is only growing and we can help you board the train before it leaves the station. In the next year influencer marketing will be very saturated.

In the current landscape, ads are either skippable or blockable. The single best way to increase consideration is through recommendations. Luckily, there is plenty of people online willing to try your product and broadcast their thoughts to their own audiences. Your online audience values the opinion of someone who has been able to try your product first hand, even if it is a complete stranger.

Republish Content Regularly

There’s no reason for a great blog post to collect dust on the company blog page. There are many great channels where your content can be refreshed and republished for new eyeballs to consume. Two of our favorites, especially for B2B, are LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. This is a great way to reach new people that may be interested in your brand.

Chatbots and Messaging Apps

Content Distribution Strategies

Messaging platforms are a new trend that will only increase in popularity over the next few years. Right now in the U.S., the biggest opportunity is on Facebook Messenger. You can create a chatbot to engage with people for a variety of reasons such as customer service or even lead generation. Once someone chooses to opt-in in order to chat with your brand, you can follow-up with them later by sending messages containing your content. You can send anything from pictures and video to PDFs. The best part is, these messages will show up as push notifications on the user’s device.

The Internet is becoming a very crowded, loud space and breaking away from the pack and exploring the unbeaten path can be difficult. However, the best way to make your content standout is through your distribution strategy. Contact Agency Entourage today if you want a fresh take on your content distribution strategies for 2017.

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