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Blog writing is an essential marketing tactic for anyone looking to position their brand as an industry leader. There is no better way to show that you have the skills necessary to complete the job than by writing the book, or blog in this case, on the subject at hand. With blogging being the bread and butter of any digital advertising agency, Agency Entourage is certainly no exception. That’s why we have gathered all of the important information of why it’s important to blog.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Blogging gives your business more opportunities to create relatable content that your consumers can learn from. Not only does blogging create an opportunity to post more content on your website, it also give your business more content to post on social media. Sharing blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is an excellent way for consumers to click through to your website.

Increase SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the best way to increase your rank on Google and other search engines. Though content is the key to making it to the first page of a Google search, a specified list of keywords can dramatically increase your visibility on these pages. Listing out keywords you want your business to be associated with and using them when blog writing will increase your SEO.

Develop Customer Relations

You build trust with your customers by asserting yourself as an industry leader when you blog. Being a reliable source of information puts you at the top of your consumers mind when it comes to the topic. Posting these blogs on social media also gives your customers the chance to interact with you online. Responding to comments and sharing valuable information can help build trust.

Whether you’re looking to interact with customers, build trust or increase traffic to your website, blog writing can be an excellent way to kill three birds with one stone. Blogging is an essential way to communicate with your consumers in a way that they will appreciate and share. Have any more questions regarding blog writing? Contact us today for more tips and tricks on blogging!

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