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6-Second Video Ads

It may seem like a cruel joke to some brand managers and marketers, but the 6-second video ads format is about to become a standard across multiple platforms. YouTube, Facebook and even TV broadcaster, Fox, have announced they’re ready to adopt it. It seems not long ago we were making fun of Snapchat for limiting videos to 10 seconds, but now we’re seriously going to be showing short form ads.

Don’t let your jaw drop yet. There have already been numerous benefits found in support of 6-second video ads. Today, we’re going to breakdown why Agency Entourage is excited to start marketing your brand in 6 seconds.

Younger Demographics Love Short Form Content

Almost every brand is trying to reach the ever elusive millennial. This demographic is so embedded into Internet culture and is completely used to interpreting messages from friends and brands in a short amount of time. In fact, focused communication is how they prefer to communicate. By boiling down your message into a compact 6 seconds, you can efficiently convey your message and let them move onto enjoying the YouTube cat video their co-worker just sent them minutes before the next meeting.

The Perfect Introduction

As a brand, it can be difficult to persuade unfamiliar people to give you their attention. If you’re trying to reach someone for the first time, a shorter ad is better. It can be downright impossible to convince someone to give you the time of day if they’ve never heard of you. Especially in today’s mobile environment, providing shorter, snackable content will make it more likely someone will pay attention as they’re moving through their day.

Once they’ve seen your 6-second introduction or even click through to engage with your brand, then you can start remarketing with longer spots.

Value is Found in Frequency

How you distribute 6-second ads also has more potential to be much more interesting than a traditional 15 or 30 second spot. You can create 6-second snippets that tell a complete story when shown in succession. Not only is this strong from a storytelling perspective, but it also increases the frequency of how often someone interacts with your brand.

We would all like to believe that once someone sees an ad they’re ready to make a purchase decision. That just isn’t reality. Your target market will have to interact and engage with your brand multiple times before they even think about visiting your website. The 6-second video ad format is perfect for sparking that interest and help provide additional momentum to support your other digital marketing efforts such as social media and Google Search.

If you think 6-second video ads sound interesting, contact us at Agency Entourage. We’re always helping brands find the right tools to move the needle and achieve results.

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