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You may have noticed a strange new tab on your Facebook app or homepage shaped like a screen with a play button. This is Facebook’s new Watch video hub which will feature long-form content and original shows. Facebook has partnered with various producers to create content exclusively for the platform, but we can expect to see changes in the Facebook algorithm and video hub design to benefit independent content creators and advertisers alike.

watch video hub

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Ad Benefits

Facebook has chosen to host original programming as a way to help advertisers boost ad revenue. Content partners will earn 55 percent of ad break revenue and Facebook will keep 45 percent. This new service will seem an awful lot like YouTube, but Facebook plans to set itself apart by producing content that’s more netflix-style in nature. Its ad placement will also be reminiscent of cable television programming in the form of “ad breaks” instead of pre-roll video ads. However, 6-second video ads are still a standard across all platforms that Facebook plans to continue adopting. Learn more about the numerous benefits of short-form ads in long-form content.

Creator Benefits

This new hub will provide a new platform for existing YouTube celebrities and a place to foster and attract new talent. Facebook describes the Watch video hub as a “platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work.” Videos will be featured and discovered much differently than on YouTube. Your friends will be able to post this new long-form content on their wall, which in turn would pop up on your News Feed. Additionally, people can interact with content and push content to the 2 billion monthly Facebook users, a slightly bigger audience than YouTube’s 1.5 billion monthly users.

Content Format

You can expect to see shows from partners such as A&E, Mashable, National Basketball Association, National Geographic and many others in the form of episodes with ad breaks. There will also be live video and on-demand content. Additionally, content will be recommended for viewers in categories like “Most Talked About,” “Shows your Friends Are Watching” and even a “watch list” where you can subscribe to your favorite creators to receive updates.

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