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Content Strategy for Google PostsGoogle wants to be an even bigger part of your content strategy with Google Posts. This functionality allows business owners to make social media-like updates with links that will appear under their business listing in Google search results. It’s almost as if Google+ is rising from the dead in a new form. If we’ve learned anything from the past, using Google’s newest offerings will give you an edge over your competitors and help you increase your search visibility. In other words, it’s good for search engine optimization (SEO).


Google Posts is a Valuable Content Outlet

This functionality has been in testing since early 2016, and Google gradually made it available to brands before launching it to everyone through Google My Business. What’s been found so far is that this card-like format under the business’ search result allows the user to access more information faster. As a business, you can feature new products, events and other news in a user-friendly format. Unlike some forms of social media, like Instagram, you can also include a link so that the user can navigate to find more information on that subject right from the SERP.

Grab Attention from Potential Leads

Google Posts will allow you to utilize content you’re already creating in new ways. You can use images, video and even animated GIFs to engage your audience. The difference from other social media channels is that you don’t need to rely on obscure algorithms for organic reach. On Google Search, people are already searching for your brand, product or service. Posts will give you a better opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and grab the user’s attention.

The Newest SEO Tactic is Google Posts

We already know that Google rewards websites that are regularly updated with higher placement in search rankings. It’s safe to say that updating your Google My Business with regular posts will be highly favorable and rewarded. It makes sense though, brands that regularly provide updates and easy-to-find information will always win on the results page.

With the introduction of Google Posts, social media and SEO have become more interconnected disciplines within marketing and content strategy. At Agency Entourage we can help you implement the latest SEO strategies to grow your online brand. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you increase your online traffic.

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