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In 2017, social media’s impact goes deeper than just sharing the latest memes, dog photos or perfectly filtered Instagram picture. In a digitally-connected world, social media allows users to make a difference by making it easier than ever to donate to causes they care about.

Platforms like gofundme have gained serious traction over the last couple of years, and for good reason. Now social channels like Facebook and Twitter are following suit.

Social Media Platforms Impacting Social Change


Facebook was late to the game but is becoming a leader in financial tech. Facebook’s power is in its people – over 1 BILLION active users around the world. Facebook recently launched Fundraising Tools, which allows you to collect donations through a number of tools on your Page, ads, posts, and live video. You can even add a “Donate” button to the top of your page:

Facebook Donate Button Example

Image via Facebook


Twitter can be a wormhole when it comes to discussing polarizing topics. But now there is a way to combat being triggered (a negative emotional response) by giving back. A Twitter-based app called Trigger allows you to instantly donate money instead of getting into a back-and-forth online.

Twitter Example 


You’ve undoubtedly seen a gofundme link on your Facebook news before, likely because it’s the most popular fundraising site on the internet. They allow you to connect your fundraising page to all social platforms and give you creative advice on how to run a successful campaign.

These tools are essential for non-profits who rely on donations to continue to their good work. Now the trick is reaching the right audience, which is something Agency Entourage specializes in. If you’re interested, we’d love to talk with you about our content marketing capabilities. Give us a call at (214) 414-3035 or reach out to @AgencyEntourage on any of our social media platforms!

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