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How to Use Digital Advertising to Grow Your Healthcare Business

Digital advances are disrupting and challenging traditional business models everywhere and healthcare is no different. The introduction of the smartphone has fractured the consumer journey into multiple critical moments that are imperative for marketers to understand. It is clear that the path to treatment is no longer linear, and search/video are indispensable for any healthcare strategy. At our last Google Partners Event, Agency Entourage explored how to use digital advertising to grow your healthcare business.

Consumers Want Things Now

Health searches continue to grow due to mobile. In fact, 77% of online health inquiries begin on a search engine. Why? Mobile allows the consumer to find answers whenever, and wherever and allows the consumer to act immediately. People use their mobile deivces in emergency situations and to find immediate answers about their symptoms. In 2017, consumers value instant gratification and immediacy, and mobile provides that. Is your healthcare organization showing up on search? If not, contact the experts at Agency Entourage today.

Consumers Want Empowerment

Consumers want to feel empowerment on their health journey. Afterall, healthcare is among the top 5 concerns in American’s lives today. Consumers today research, and check, around 12.4 sources of information before choosing a solution, and 60% of them validate a professional opinion with their own research. They are no longer relying on a single opinion from one doctor. The internet is now the #1 resource when searching for information, opinions and solutions. Again, this comes down to search.

Consumers Want a Frictionless Experience

Consumers want a frictionless experience, and this is a constant factor across all industries, brands and organizations. What can your healthcare organization do to optimize your consumers experience? The first step is to closely look at your website. If your site lags, requires too many steps to move forward or takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of consumers will move on to a competitor site. Ensuring that your site is responsive, provides clear call-to-actions, leverages location extensions and provides contact information are simple elements to improve your consumer experience.

Search and Video

It is clear that search is a key element on how to use digital advertising to grow your healthcare business online. If you are interested in moving forward and exploring your search options, please contact Agency Entourage today. Another avenue to explore is video. Video is a growing gateway for health information. Video has grown 100% over the last few years, and it is predicted that by mid-2018, 70% of all consumed online content will be video. The team at Agency Entourage are ready to help you with your healthcare video content and production today.

If you are ready to begin your search and video journey, Agency Entourage is here to help. As a Google Partners Agency, Agency Entourage can help your healthcare business flourish online through digital advertising. Contact Agency Entourage today to discuss your health care initiatives via email or call us on (214) 414-3035.

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